Saturday, July 4, 2009

Portland Picks for Men

Portland Picks for Men had a sweet little write up about our shop that went like this:

Portland Picks for Men:

"Sustained Clothing (Yes... but No)

Isn’t it a bit irritating when a person comments on things that don’t need clarification? Do we really need to hear someone say that “sunsets are beautiful” when we’re looking at one, or that “Sabbath rules” when we’re trying to rock out? Of course, the offender is simply trying to reveal a bit about themselves through their affections, but some things are obviously enjoyable, and better served without distractions. To put it another way: there’s a reason porn doesn’t have subtitles.

On the other hand, we all love to hear about great things when we haven’t experienced them yet. For those who don’t know Rock N’ Rose, an affection for them will reveal a lot about you. They’ve managed to practice sustainability without adding any trappings, creating a fine mix of vintage and new clothing. They even carry local lines, and most importantly, the clothes aren't too cool to be fun.

Check ‘em out in the next week and receive a 20% discount for mentioning PPFM. And if you take someone with you, please forgive them if they let a “this place is sooo awesome” slip out."

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