Friday, January 28, 2011


We just start selling Biergartens (beer gardens) at the store today. They're locally made and hand crafted from reclaimed and recycled materials. Right now, we're carrying the 2' window sill design, but you can put them anywhere that gets some sun. They each hold five planters cut from 22 ounce craft beer bottles with hand sanded edges, as well as 22 craft beer caps inlayed in the base. They can be purchased without plants for $50, or for just $10 more they come with soil and plants - ready to spruce up your home, bar, or restaurant. Currently we have spider plants, as seen in the picture, but we'll have pothos and possibly some other options soon too.

The biergartens are available in any size from 6" (one bottle and six caps) to.. well as big as you want.

Coming soon, we'll be offering wine gardens - same idea, but with wine bottles and cork inlays.

Check em out and help subsidize a local artist's drinking habit!