Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Betsy and Iya

We are proud to announce that as of this week we will be carrying local jewelry designer Betsy and Iya's amazing and unique necklaces and earrings. Here is what PDX Magazine had to say about the talented little lady:

What betsy & iya Is
Unapologetically bold or slinky and sinuous, you’ll know it’s betsy & iya jewelry by the trademark earwires and clasps. The large, handformed, sterling silver loops add conspicuous bodaciousness to their functionality. Totemic talismans and semiprecious marvels make compelling focal points amid a menagerie of metals or within an asymmetrical system. Even the label’s name is a study in contrasts: Betsy Cross is the designer/owner; Iya is what Betsy called her sister before she could talk. While not directly involved with the business, “Iya”’s fashion sense guides Betsy in spirit.

Who Betsy Cross Is
The Roanoke, Virginia, native moved to Portland in 2006 with a Master’s degree in physical theatre and a fascination with ornamentation. By early 08, her jewelry business plans snowballed of their own accord. “I just couldn’t stop,” the 27-year-old says of the mounting purchases preceding her March ’08 launch. Betsy also loves sweating over a hot drill in her Northwest studio forging outsized trinkets. “They’re big, but cute, which is how I feel as a person. I’ve always been tall and kind of clunky, but I feel cute and sexy.”

Why We Like It
betsy & iya comes on strong without overpowering the wearer. The pieces inspire confidence but remain accessories. Customers often remark, “I wouldn’t have thought that would look right on me but when I try it on, it does.” Betsy will customize any piece for a buyer to accommodate taste, fit, or wording, and supports independent artists in her materials purchasing, including the locally-mined agates and fair-trade beetle wings. She strings pearls and casts metal: she can’t be stopped.


  1. Okay I am in love with the owl earrings and hope you still have them in stock for when we come up! Btw...luv the blogs!

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